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I just received a speeding ticket in the mail today. Normally, someone gets pulled over by an actual cop for speeding. However, a sneaky little camera in downtown DC happened to spy my white mustang driving by (just a little bit too fast) and capture my error. Now, this little anecdote might seem irrelevant, but I swear there is kind of a point. Police officers (and apparently cameras) help monitor what we do right on the road. This is how we get caught doing something bad, right?

Could you imagine if the internet had police to catch us using other people’s work or pictures or music?

The very pictures at the top of my webpage are subject to copy right infringement. I would already have a ticket! But now think about all of the other people who were driving by me in downtown DC. I’m sure the camera failed to capture every person speeding by. (I mean, I don’t really know if it can take pictures of more than one car at one time…) It always comes down to luck. I was unlucky enough to be the one who got caught speeding. Could you imagine all of the people and WebPages out there that could possibly be in guilty of copy right infringement? It must be in the thousands.. if not millions. It would be a cop’s worst nightmare.

It’s so crazy to think that even the smallest saying or beat in a song can be a copy right infringement. I remember once an article on MSN was talking about how the song by Avril Levine was said to have the same beat as a song from many, many years ago. And I’m sure this happens all the time! After all, how many “original” beats and songs and pictures can people come up with? I honestly feel like it’s so hard to have a unique opinion or idea when people out there may have had it before you.

But anyway, the internet just makes it so much harder to monitor copy right infringement. Maybe if we had police officers patrolling the web, the problem may be more under control. Or maybe they’ll just invent some type of online camera search thing to do it for them. 🙂


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