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The topic of the marine parade is very personal to me due to the fact that I am friends with a lot of people who actually participate it in. One of the best resources that I have is a pamphlet containing information on the background of the parade and the history of the marine barracks in Washington DC. This information is obviously reliable because it is given out to everyone who attends the parade. It is one of the best resources that I will be able to obtain. Hopefully this can count as some sort of newspaper article/advertisement.

In addition, although it is neither an archival collection or exactly an image, the marine’s have a specific website regarding information about the marine parade. The website is:

In this webpage, you can see tons of pictures that were captured at the parade. I also have pictures that I have taken myself from the parade that show how amazing it is.

As for the archival collection, it took me awhile to think of exactly how I should research the topic. In class on Thursday, I was continually searching the words “marine parade” or “marine barracks Washington DC” and came up with absolutely nothing. (with the exception of one random collection of articles from a retired marine in New Jersey who never actually participated in the parades…) But then I realized, after I further investigate my topic, it would be wise to look up the names of the Commandants of the marine corps. The Commandant’s house is located at the marine barracks, and his very backyard is where the marine parade takes place. The Commandant often hosts the parades (along with other marine officials) and maybe their archival collection will be able to given me history on the topic. I think that specifically the Commandant in charge when the marine parades first began will be very helpful!

I can’t wait to continue researching my topic! 🙂


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